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Video Calls | Coronavirus - a new way of working

30 March 2020

By Izzy Nebel

Video Calls | Coronavirus - a new way of working

​As more people are working from home than ever due to Covid-19 precautions, we have been forced in to a new way of working that perhaps we never imagined we would. The power of low-cost, or often free tools to communicate with colleages and customers throws up some important questions for us as we look to the the future, and a return to work in a potentially new normal.

Aside from the dog barking and the children bursting in on your latest update conference call with your team, what is changing? Everyone knows that we are all making the best of a bad situation as we all pull together and comply with virus precautions. But what if everyone got that? What if everyone accepted a level of accidental dog-induced interuption on a web-chat, but we all got on with it and smiled through...

What if broadband companies accepted the current web traffic as normal, and we can tell ourselves - "I could get used to this"

How many meetings could you have online moving forward?

How much would you save in travel costs and time?

What if your employer accepted you working diffrerently/flexibly but still getting things done?

Is the 3 hour trip to a meeting still neccessary?

What about your carbon footprint reduction?

What about the general health benefits of not commuting with 100's of others every day?

Food for thought in a changing world. There will always be a need a need for face to face meetings, but if we all reduce what we used to do by even a small amount, the benefits could be measurably good!

At Broadreach we blend the use of video conferencing and face to face meetings all the time. The team here is very empowered by the directors, so meetings are not a daily occurance. However, the current situation is making us all at Broadreach adapt and reflect, so that we can improve things. But that is part of our culture anyway, so lets see whgat the future holds!

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